This (UnNamed) Lassi Shop was begun in the year 1990  By Mr. Nagesh yadav and his Wife Mrs. Leela .

This shop is located in  Malkajgiri and anyone in the locality can navigate you to the shop when asked about the famous lassi point . The current  Price of Single Lassi is  Rs.25 and Full Lassi is Rs.35 but in early 1990’s they used to sell single lassi for Rs.3 and Full for Rs.5 and its made of Buffalo Milk and it can be eaten only with spoon because of the thickness of  lassi  . It was served with a added topping called  Malai which is made out of  milk which adds a spectacular taste to the lassi ,one can enjoy the feel of eating laasi with the topping .
This Shop is crowed all the day and they start their operations from 12.00 Noon to 10.30 pm and the outlet will be opened every day  in the summer and in winter they often close the outlet . They do not sell any other items or different flavors of lassi in their outlet instead they sell one and only  signature recipe of Lassi

Buffalo Mik Lassi With Malai Topping
Nagesh yadav – Lassi Shop Owner



The idea of Making Lassi was initiated by the relatives of his wife Lela who is from  Nagpur , Maharashtra doing  business with buffalo’s  . They suggested Nagesh yadav to start a Business based on lassi which is prepared from the Buffalo Milk , Nagesh Turned up with this Idea and Spend almost 2 years travelling many places to find out different types of lassi’s and finally in 1990 he started his own store in Malkajgiri. After many struggles Nagesh yadav Set a Benchmark in Selling Lassi in Hyderbad . now he is selling nearly 1000 lassi’s per day.